Dr Marina Inì

Assistant Professor in Early Modern European History
Fellow at Churchill College

I am an early modern cultural historian interested in material culture, history of medicine, spatial and urban history of the early modern Mediterranean. My current research interests focus on diversity, cross-cultural encounters in urban contexts, and funerary practices in Mediterranean port cities of the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

I hold a BA in Beni Culturali (Cultural Heritage Studies – History of Art) from the Università degli Studi di Trento, an MSc in Architectural History and Theory from the University of Edinburgh, and a PhD in History from the University of Cambridge (Girton College). After the PhD, I was the recipient of a Rome Award at the British School at Rome.

My PhD dissertation, entitled The System of Lazzaretti in the Early Modern Mediterranean, analyses the role of quarantine stations in shaping the socio-cultural history of the shared Mediterranean area. On the subject, my article ‘Materiality, Quarantine and Contagion in the Early Modern Mediterranean’ was published in Social History of Medicine (2021) and the chapter ‘Architecture and plague prevention: the development of lazzaretti in the eighteenth-century Mediterranean’ is forthcoming for the edited book Public Health in the Early Modern City in Europe, edited by Mohammad Gharipour and Anatole Tchikine (Palgrave Macmillan).


Part I, Paper 16: European history 1450-1760

Part II, Paper 14: Material Culture in the Early Modern World

Par IA, Outline 5: Europe in the World 1450-1780


Mobility, Encounters and Diversity in the Early Modern Mediterranean



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Key publications


Inì, Marina, ‘Quarantine, Diseased Geographies, and Mobility in the Eighteenth-century Mediterranean’, The Historical Journal.

Mammoli, Raissa, Marina Inì, Ramona Quattrini: ‘Metodologie a Supporto Della Ricerca Storico-Archivistica e per la Trasparenza del Modello HBIM del Lazzaretto di Ancona nel Progetto di Luigi Vanvitelli’, Archeologia e Calcolatori, 33.1 (2022).

Marina Inì, ‘Materiality, Quarantine and Contagion in the Early Modern Mediterranean’, Social History of Medicine, 34.4 (2021), 1161–84 <https://doi.org/10.1093/shm/hkaa124>.

Chapters in edited volumes:

Inì, Marina 'Architecture and plague prevention: lazzaretti in the eighteenth-century Mediterranean’ in Public Health in the Early Modern City in Europe, ed. by Mohammad Gharipour (Palgrave Macmillan, 2023), 83-123.

Inì, Marina, ‘Emotions in Quarantine: Architecture and Public Health in Early Modern Quarantine Centres’ in Early Modern Italian Architecture: Symbols and Appropriations, ed. by Tomasetti Valentina and Francesca Lembo Fazio (Routledge, 2023).