Dr Magnus Ryan

University Associate Professor
Dr Magnus Ryan
  • History of political ideas in the medieval period
  • Law and politics in medieval Europe


Tags & Themes


Cambridge CB2 1RD


Key Publications

  • 'Codification in the Western Middle Ages', co-written with E. Conte, in Diverging Paths? The Shapes of Power and Institutions in Medieval Christendom and Islam, edited by J. Hudson and A. Rodriguez (Brill, 2014), 75-97.
  • 'Political Thought', in The Cambridge Companion to Roman Law, edited by D. Johnston (Oxford University Press, 2014), 423-51.
  • 'Feudal Succession,' in J. Cairns and P. Duplessis (eds), From Casus to
    Regula (Edinburgh, March 2010), 143-157.
  • 'Zur Tradition des langobardischen Lehnrechts', in G. Dilcher and D. Quaglioni (eds), Die Anfänge des öffentlichen Rechts, 2. Von Friedrich Barbarossa zu Friedrich II., (Bologna/Berlin, 2009), pp. 225-245.
  • Maitland. State, Trust and Corporation, ed., with D. Runciman, (Cambridge 2003).
  • 'Widerstandsrecht und Lehnswesen', in Wissen, Gewissen und Wissenschaft im Widerstandsrecht (16.-18. Jh.) /Sapere, coscienza e scienza nel diritto di resistenza (XVI-XVIII sec.), ed. K-H. Lingens and A. de Benedictis (Studien zur europäischen Rechtsgeschichte 165, Frankfurt am Main 2003), pp. 49-80
  • 'Rulers and Justice, 1200-1500', in The Medieval World, ed. P.A. Linehan, J.L. Nelson (London 2001), pp. 503-517
  • 'Bartolus of Sassoferrato and Free Cities', Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (2000), pp. 65-89
  • 'The Oath of Fealty and the Lawyers' in Politische Ideen im Mittelalter. Theorie und Wirklichkeit der Macht (Veröffentlichungen des Max Planck Instituts für Geschichte), eds. J. Canning, O.-G. Oexle (1999), pp. 209-226
  • 'Ius Commune Feudorum in the Thirteenth Century', in ... Colendo iustitiam et iura condendo... Federico II Legislatore del Regno di Sicilia nell'Europa del Duecento. Per una storia comparata delle codificazioni europee, ed. A. Romano (Rome 1997), pp. 51-65.