Dr Leigh Denault

Fellow and Director of Studies in History
Dr Leigh Denault

Leigh supervises and lectures for the outline part I world history papers: Paper 21 (Empires and World History) and Paper 23, (World History from 1914 to the present day) and the South Asian part II specified subject paper 28. She also supervises students for the MPhils in Historical Studies, World History, and South Asian Studies.


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Churchill College
Storey's Way

Office Phone: 01223 3 36134


Key Publications

  • "The Home and the World: New Directions in the History of the Family in South Asia," History Compass, vol. 12, no. 2, (2014) pp. 101–111.
  • PhD thesis: "Publicising Family in Colonial North India c. 1780-1930", 2009.
  • "North Indian lives in the archives of the colonial state," in Engaging Colonial Knowledge: Reading European Archives in World History, ed. Ricardo Roque and Kim A. Wagner. Palgrave: 2011.
  • "Partition and the politics of the joint family in nineteenth-century North India." Indian Economic and Social History Review vol. 46, no. 1, Special Issue: Personal law, identity politics and civil society in colonial South Asia (2009): 27-55.
  • Article on the intellectual and social history of the concepts of "Public/Private" in world history. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, Vol. III, edited by Bonnie G. Smith and Indrani Chatterji: Oxford University Press, 2007, pp. 535-537