Dr Deborah Thom

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I am a Fellow and director of Studies for the faculties of History and Social and Political sciences at Robinson College, I also lecture in the department of History and Philosophy of Science.

The history of women's employment, feminism and trade unionism; educational psychology and child psychiatry; corporal punishment; photography and war- all in twentieth century Britain.

The history of the sciences of the psyche, war, gender, children and family in Britain and Europe in the 20th century.


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Robinson College
Grange Road

Cambridge CB3 9AN

Key Publications

  • Nice girls and rude girls Women workers and the first World war I.B.Tauris 1998/2000
  • New DNB entries on Lady Hester Adrian, Lilian Barker, Teresa Billington Greig, Barbara Drake, Emanuel Miller. 2004
  • 'Making work spectacular' in Gail Braybon, ed., Evidence, History and the Great War: Historians and the Impact of 1914-18 Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2003
  • 'The healthy citizen of Empire or juvenile delinquent? Beating and mental health in the UK', eds Marijke Gijswit-Hofstra & Hilary Marland, Cultures of Child Health in Britain and the Netherlands in the Twentieth Century, Amsterdam New York, Rodopi, 2003