Christian Owen

PhD candidate in Early Modern British History
I am a second-year PhD student in early modern British history at Trinity College. I am currently being supervised by Professor Alexandra Walsham for a PhD project about the English priesthood during the Reformation, exploring the dilemmas of conscience placed upon those priests who found themselves torn between their spiritual beliefs and the dictates of the government.
My research interests centre around the religious history of England, Scotland and Ireland in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, but I feel comfortable with all facets of the early modern period, having read extensively on political, social, and economic history throughout my undergraduate and masters degrees at Cambridge.
I have significant tutoring experience in history with several reputable private tutoring agencies, and although I am new to the Cambridge supervisions system, I am keen to get stuck in to the challenge of supervising undergraduates.
- 'Hypocrisy and the English Clergy: The Case Study of Anthony Kitchin' - Ecclesiastical History Society winter conference, January 2023

- 'Conscience, Conformity and Hypocrisy in the Elizabethan Clergy' - Cambridge/Tubingen workshop, September 2023


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