Aleksandra Dul

PhD student in History

I am a PhD student in History supervised by Paul Warde, and a member of the Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure. My studies are funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and the Cambridge Trust. I completed an MA in History at Jagiellonian University and an MPhil in Economic and Social History at Cambridge. I am a co-convenor of the Cambridge Quantitative History Seminar.

Through researching the industrial development of a Central European coalfield in the late 19th century, I study the influence of natural endowments, market factors and national institutions in shaping economic growth trajectories.

‘A Quick Network Approach to Historical Data’: XVIII World Economic History Congress, MIT, Boston, August 2018

‘Popularity and Socializing in Early 19th Century Poland Rural Community’: European Social Science History Conference, Queen’s University, Belfast, April 2018

‘On the Application of Social Network Analysis Techniques in Researching Rural Communities’ [Polish] : Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, April 2017


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