New book and lecture from Prof. Richard Bourke


Prof. Richard Bourke’s new book, Hegel’s World Revolutions, is launched today. The book explores Hegel’s account of modernity along with the reception of his thought across the twentieth century. It covers the various epochal shifts that Hegel believed had led to the formation of the modern constitutional state, born out of antecedent struggle and failure. Bourke then traces the range of response to Hegel’s ideas, beginning with the renaissance in Hegelianism at the start of the twentieth century and extending into the critical reaction to his thought developed by Heidegger, Adorno and Popper. The book then examines competing post-War approaches to the history of political thought, from Leo Strauss and Hannah Arendt to our own time, and ponders the significance of the turn against Hegel in contemporary intellectual life.

Bourke will be lecturing on Hegel and the enlightenment as the 2023 Besterman lecturer in Oxford on Nov 9th at 5pm, to which all are welcome; booking details can be found below: