Faculty Trust Fund Prizes

Trust fund prizes

Congratulations to the following postgraduate students who have ben awarded prizes by the boards of the Faculty's trust funds.


The 2023 Prince Consort and Thirlwall Prize was jointly awarded to Ms Tamara Fernando and Dr Charlotte Johann. This was based on an essay submission.

Tamara’s essay title: “Of Molluscs and Men: Pearling Labour and Environments in the Northern Indian Ocean 1880-1925

Charlotte’s essay title: “Friedrich Carl von Savigny and Politics of Legal Pluralism in Germany, ca. 1810-1847


The 2023 Members’ History Prize was jointly awarded to the following students:

Luke Neill (Political Thought)

Amelia Gardner-Thorpe (Ancient & Medieval History)

Alexander Marshall (Economic and Social History)

Nathaniel Rachman (American History)

This Prize was for the best MPhil dissertation submitted in academic year 2021/22


The Ellen McArthur Doctoral Prize in Economic History 2022 was awarded to Owen Thomas Westland for his PhD dissertation “Agriculture and industry in the process of economic growth and inequality in Senegal, c.1848-1979”.

The Ellen McArthur MPhil Prize in Economic History 2022 was awarded to Alexander Marshall.