Feminisms - a global history

How has feminism developed? What have feminists achieved? What can we learn from the global history of feminism?

Feminism is the ongoing story of a profound historical transformation. Despite being repeatedly written off as a political movement that has achieved its aim of female liberation, it has been continually redefined as new generations of women campaign against the gender inequity of their age.

Review by Dr Jennifer Thompson (London School of Economics)

Podcast: Conversation between Jaya Byers and Lucy Delap about Feminisms, a Global History

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Delap, Lucy. Feminisms : A Global History. Pelican Books, 2020


Nancy A. Hewitt, author of Radical Friend: Amy Kirby Post and Her Activist Worlds

"Delap wields the concept of feminism to show how activists 'politicize the injustices of gender' across 250 years and six continents. Attentive to the blind spots and complicities of many feminist ventures, she also recognizes its affinities and resonance across generations, geographies, and genders. This brilliant book probes feminism's meanings and materializations through chapters on dreams, feelings, objects, and songs as well as ideas, looks, spaces, and actions."