The Ellen McArthur Lectures 1968 - 2022

The 2022 Ellen McArthur lectures were delivered in March by Dr Bob Allen of New York University Abu Dhabi.

From Foraging to the First States: an Economic History

Dr Bob Allen of New York University Abu Dhabi

Previous lecture series are listed below:

2018: Professor Avner Offer (Oxford) Time horizons as boundaries for market, public and social enterprise

Lecture 1

Time horizons as market boundaries in private, public and social enterprise


Lecture 2

Impatient and patient capital: housing and democracy


Lecture 3

Safeguarding the future: families, education, and contract


Lecture 4

Credit time horizons as ethical boundaries


2016: Jane Humphries (All Souls College Oxford) Gendering Economic History

Lecture 1

Women, Work and Wages: from the Black Death to the Industrial Revolution


Lecture 2: The spinster: a tragic heroine of the Industrial Revolution?


2013: Bruce Campbell (Queen’s University Belfast) The Great Transition: Climate, Disease and Society in the 13th and 14th centuries

2009: Nick Crafts (University of Warwick) From the 18th to the 21st Century: a perspective on 250 years of economic growth

2006: Kenneth Pomeranz (University of California Irvine) Economic Legacies of Agrarian Empire: Chinese Economic Development and Comparative History

2003: Charles Feinstein (All Souls College Oxford) An Economic History of South Africa: Conquest, Discrimination, and Development.

2000: Jan de Vries (University of California Berkeley) The Family and Economic Growth since the Eighteenth century

1996: Robert W. Fogel (University of Chicago) The Escape from Hunger and Premature death 1700-2000

1992: Asa Briggs (Worcester College Oxford and the Open University) Commerce and Culture: the publishing business in Britain

1989: Herman van der Wee (University of Louvain) Economic and Social development before the Industrial Revolution: The Low Countries, 1000-1750

1987: Tony Wrigley (London School of Economics) Continuity, Chance and Change: the Character of the Industrial Revolution in England

1984: Ivan Berend (Karl Marx University, Budapest), Modernisation in east central Europe: Economics, Ideology, Politics and Art in the first half of the Twentieth century

1983: François Crouzet (University of Paris-Sorbonne) Origins and Enterprise: the leaders of British Industrialisation

1981: Alan S. Milward (University of Manchester), Recovery and Reconstruction in Western Europe after World War II

1979: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie (College de France) Peasants, taxes and agriculture in Europe, 1300-1800

1977: Samuel Berrick Saul (University of Edinburgh) The New Deal in Action

1975: Carlo Cipolla (University of California Berkeley) Microbes, Merchants and Health Officers in early modern times

1972: Eric Hobsbawm (Birkbeck College London) The Formation of the Industrial Working Classes

1970: Edward Miller (Sheffield) Economic Changes in Medieval England

1968: Alexander Gerschenkron (Harvard) Europe in the Russian Mirror