The Cambridge Companion to Winston Churchill

Viewed by some as the saviour of his nation, and by others as a racist imperialist, who was Winston Churchill really, and how has he become such a controversial figure? Combining the best of established scholarship with important new perspectives, this Companion places Churchill's life and legacy in a broader context. It highlights different aspects of his life and personality, examining his core beliefs, working practices, key relationships and the political issues and campaigns that he helped shape, and which in turn shaped him. Controversial subjects, such as area bombing, Ireland, India and Empire are addressed in full, to try and explain how Churchill has become such a deeply divisive figure. Through careful analysis, this book presents a full and rounded picture of Winston Churchill, providing much needed nuance and context to the debates about his life and legacy.



Introduction: Who Was Winston Churchill?
Allen Packwood

1 - Churchill’s Contested History
Warren Dockter,

2 - The Inheritance of Winston Churchill
David Lough

3 - Learning Lessons: Lieutenant Churchill and Military Intelligence
Warren Dockter

4 - Churchill As a Writer and Orator
Peter Clarke

5 - Churchill and Social Policy
Peter Sloman

6 - Churchill, the ‘Irish Question’ and the Irish
Niamh Gallagher

7 - Churchill’s First World War
Sean Lang

8 - Churchill, Art and Politics
Barry Phipps

9 - Churchill’s Economics
Martin Daunton

10 - Churchill, the Roosevelts and Empire
Piers Brendon

11 - Churchill, India and Race
Kishan S. Rana

12 - Churchill’s Campaign against Appeasement
Gaynor Johnson

13 - Churchill As War Leader
Allen Packwood

14 - Churchill, The English-Speaking Peoples and the ‘Special Relationship’
David B. Woolner

15 - Churchill As International Statesman
David Reynolds

16 - Churchill and the Bombing Campaign
Victoria Taylor   

17 - The Influence of Clementine Churchill
Sonia Purnell

18 - Churchill and the ‘United States of Europe’
Richard Toye

19 - Indian Summer or Conservative Winter? Churchill’s Final Fall from Power
H. Kumarasingham

Conclusion: Where Next for Winston Churchill?
Allen Packwood


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Packwood, A. (2023) The Cambridge companion to Winston Churchill. (Cambridge companions).