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Medieval History Seminar

Lent Term 2017

ALL SEMINARS on THURSDAYS at 5 p.m. in the History Faculty Board Room


Thursday 19th January

Claire Burridge

‘An Interdisciplinary Investigation into Carolingian Medical Knowledge and Practice’


Nicholas Ball

‘Reception as human activity: the ars musica in the circle of John Scottus Eriugena’



Thursday 2nd February

Spike Gibbs 
'Attitudes to Manorial Office at Little Downham and Sutton-in-the-Isle, 1300-1600'

David Runciman
'Bishops and penitential literature in England and Wales, 1174-1228'


Thursday 16th February

Dr Charles West (University of Sheffield)
‘“A Long and a Dark Tale” - Clerical Exemption before Becket’


Thursday 2nd March

Dr Conor O’Brien (Churchill)
‘Chosen peoples and new Israels in the early medieval west'


Thursday 16th March

Professor M. Cecilia Gaposchkin (Dartmouth College, U.S.)
‘Nivelon of Soissons, his Cathedral, and the relics of 1204: liturgy and devotion in the aftermath of the fourth crusade’


Lent Term 2017 programme - print version


Professor John Arnold

Dr Andrew Spencer


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Seminar presentations by third-year PhD students, 2014-15

Daniel Neary

Contesting the 'Church of the Bishops': Christian Dissidence in Palestine after Chalcedon (21 mins, 29:01:15)

Lizzie Gilbert

The letters of Thomas Beckington and William Millington (20 mins, 15:01:15)

Hazel Freestone

Married clergy in England and Normandy, 1050-1150 (26 mins, 15:01:2015)

Emily Ward

A Comparative Look at Guardianship Arrangements for Child Kings, c.1050 - c.1165 (25 mins, 27:11:14)

Peter Lunga
The context and purpose of legendary genealogies in northern England and Iceland c. 1120 - c. 1230 (35 mins, 27:11:14)

Sam Ottewill-Soulsby
"Useless Peace”: Carolingian-Umayyad Diplomacy, 810-820 (30 mins, 13:11:14)

Jacob Currie
St Alban's Abbey and the Law, c. 1327-1396 (20 mins, 13:11:14)

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