Working and learning safely

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Information for all users of the History Faculty and Seeley Library

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the History Faculty will take special precautions to ensure that all its members can stay safe. All teaching is now online, and there will be few occasions on which use of the Faculty Building is permitted by staff and students, who are all asked to work remotely, with the exception of library staff. The Seeley Library is currently open to small numbers for study purposes between 10am and 1pm each weekday. 'Click and collect' materials may still be ordered. 

We ask that everyone does their best to observe the regulations and treat all around them with patience and respect, despite the challenges we face.

You can find out more about the University's policies for teaching and learning during the pandemic here

    Anyone who does have a reason to enter the Faculty must 

    • Scan the NHS QR code when you enter the building
    • Sanitise hands on entry
    • Wear a face covering in the building (unless exempt), except when working alone in an office with the door closed
    • Maintain 2m distance from others at all times
    • Observe the one way system in the Faculty building

    If you have any symptoms, please follow the instructions issued by the University about testing and self isolation.

    Teaching remains entirely online for the academic year 2020-1. You should look on the relevant moodle site for the link to online teaching for all your papers.  Remote study arrangements will continue unchanged.

    The following links will give you some further detail about our new procedures, and who to contact if you have any concerns.

    NHS Covid 19


    Please check in with NHS Test and Trace when you enter the building, or sign in here.