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The History Lecture List is a comprehensive guide to teaching organised by the Faculty.

It gives information about the title, organisers and time of all lectures and classes.

All members of the University may attend lectures announced in the Lecture List, though, where accommodation is limited, priority will be given to students preparing for examination in the subject concerned. 

Attendance at Themes and Sources (History Part I), Special Subjects (History Part II), Evidence and Argument classes (History & Politics Part IA) is restricted to students registered for these classes, except with the prior consent of the teacher of the course.

Furthermore, anyone wishing to attend lectures/classes for other Part II papers, or graduate classes, is advised to contact the Course convenor in advance.

Quick links to: 

Historical Tripos Lecture List

History and Politics Tripos Lecture List 

MPhil Lecture List

TIMETABLES:  Daily and whole term timetables for the current term will be available before the start of term. These show venues for lectures and classes.

Students are also able to create a personalised timetable by logging in to the University timetable system here. 

Live links to lecture list and timetable will be available shortly. 

Individual Fellowship competition is now open. The internal University deadline is 3pm, 10 September 2019. 

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