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Michelle Ong History Undergraduate Travel Fund

The History Undergraduate Travel Fund was endowed in 2012 by Michelle Ong, a Hong Kong jewellery designer. The Fund supports students who would not otherwise be able to visit or access the primary source materials necessary to complete a Part II dissertation, through the provision of grants for travel and research expenses related to their study. Its annual yield is likely to be c. £1,200. The Faculty is able to make a small number of grants each year to specially deserving cases.

Successful candidates are expected to demonstrate both academic and financial need. Applicants will be expected to make the academic case for consulting specific archival materials (either in person or by obtaining copies); to indicate the total sum requested (with breakdown of costs) and to give details of other possible sources of funding, such as college travel grants (and to state whether there are applications pending or grants received). Directors of Studies shall provide a supporting statement.

The Fund Managers are the members of the Dissertation Titles Committee (as appointed by the Faculty Board), who shall, at their annual meeting to approve Dissertation Titles, make awards from the Fund. The number and size of awards are at the discretion of the Managers, but the Faculty Board suggests awards in the range of £100-£300.

Applications must be submitted with the Dissertation Application form. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Successful applicants will be notified of awards at the same time that approval of the Dissertation title is notified. Award holders are required to submit, with their Dissertations, a short report of 250-500 words on the use made of the award. Reports may be sent to the donor and retained by the Seeley Library. Awards will not be made in advance of expenditure: expenses incurred will be reimbursed on presentation of receipts to the Faculty Accounts Office. Any moneys unexpended each year shall be added to the capital in the Fund.


These regulations were approved by Faculty Board on 20 November 2012.


The application form may be downloaded here.


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