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Information about undergraduate supervisions
Supervisions are arranged by your college Director of Studies in History. He or she is a History undergraduate's most important contact, and will assign to each of them a specialist supervisor for each paper. In nearly all cases, undergraduates have supervisions for one paper in each term, and so change supervisors each term. Supervisions offer teaching that is very flexibly suited to individual needs and closely monitored by the college.

While most supervisions take place weekly, usually on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis, some members of the Faculty combine weekly small group classes for which students prepare reading, with weekly shorter individual supervisions focusing on each student's essay. Patterns of this kind vary: some supervisors offer a 90 minute class followed by 20 minute individual supervisions, while others offer one-hour classes followed by 30 minute individual supervisions (other variations are also possible).

Supervisors for Part I


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