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Part I papers

This section provides information and guidance about the outline papers offered in Part I, including course guides and reading lists. Some Part I papers are also available to students taking the History and Politics Tripos and the History and Modern Languages Tripos.

Section A

Paper 1: Themes and Sources 
Further information and options

Section B

British Political History

2. British political history, 380-1100

3. British political history, 1050-1509

4. British political history, 1485-1714 

5. British political  history, 1688-1886 

6. British political history, since 1880 

Section C

British Economic and Social History

7. British economic and social history, 380-1100

8. British economic and social history, 1050-c.1500

9. British economic and social history, c.1500-1750

10. British economic and social history, 1700-1880 

11. British economic and social history, since c.1880 

Section D

European History

12. European history, 776 BC-AD 69

13. European history, 31 BC-AD 900

14. European history, c.900-c.1450

16. European history, 1450-1760

17. European history, 1715-1890

18. European history, since 1890

Section E

Political Thought

19. History of political thought to c.1700

20. History of political thought from c.1700 to c.1890

Section F

World History

21. Empires and world history from the fifteenth century to the First World War

23. World history since 1914 

Section G

American History

22. North American History from c. 1500 to 1865

24. The history of the United States from 1865




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