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Students transferring to History from another Tripos

Any student who wishes to transfer into History from another Tripos should discuss this with their Director of Studies. Permission must be obtained from the College, rather than the Faculty.  

University Regulations allow a student who has obtained honours in another Tripos Examination to continue to Part II in History in one of the following ways:

In one year - offering five papers in total – as follows

    • Paper 1 (HAP)
    • Papers 2 and 3 (Section B - Special Subjects) and
    • Either two papers from Sections C-D
    • Or one paper from Sections C-D and a dissertation 


Over two years – offering seven papers in total – as follows:

Year One (Prelim to Part II):

    • Paper 1 (HAP)
    • Two or three* papers from Sections C-D

    At the end of Year One these papers are sat for practice, but no marks are carried over into the Part II classification.

    * Most students offer two papers from Sections C-D, but they may opt to be examined in three.

    Year Two (Part II):

    Seven papers are sat and marked in this final year, all and only these contributing to the classification and degree, as follows: 

      • Students are re-examined in the papers taken in Year One;
      • Papers 2 and 3 (Section B - Special Subjects)
      • Either two more papers from Sections C-D
      • Or a dissertation and one more paper.
    Please note:
    • The requirements to take a pre-1750 and European paper do not apply to students transferring from another Tripos.
    • Students taking the two-year route must be careful not to choose specified papers advertised as unavailable for examination in the second year.
    • Regulations permit students transferring from another Tripos to choose to complete Part I in History before progressing to Part II. However, because Paper 1 (Themes and Sources) is taught one year and examined the next, this is normally only possible over two years, by offering Paper 1 and five other papers for examination in the second year - followed by Part II in one year (as above).

    The following additional provisos apply to all students:

    • no candidate can offer a paper that he or she has previously offered for the Historical Tripos or any other Honours examination;
    • no candidate who has previously obtained honours in either part of the Classical Tripos can offer Part I Papers 12 and 13;
    • no candidate who has previously obtained honours in Part II of the Classical Tripos can offer Part II Paper 7;
    • no candidate can offer for Part II Papers 2 and 3 (Special Subject) a subject which he or she has already offered in Group C of Part II of the Classical Tripos.

      A note about overlap:

      Students worry about the extent to which they may repeat material within or between papers. The only rules are (1) that some exam papers specifically forbid candidates from answering starred questions if they are also candidates for certain other papers (usually those covering overlapping periods); and (2) that in choosing a Part II dissertation topic, there may not be overlap with the choice of other Part II papers, nor significant overlap with the Themes and Sources Long Essay. Beyond this, the overlap issue is a matter of common sense. It is unwise to repeat material within a paper, because it will give a marker a sense that a candidate’s knowledge is narrow; or between papers, because if the candidate is discussed at the Exam Board it will again give an impression of limitation. However, this need not rule out judicious use of an occasional example in different argumentative contexts. This is especially so in the case of the Part II HAP paper, where you are encouraged to use material from other Part II papers to illustrate a broad theme; though the point of a general paper is to go beyond the scope of one particular field of history.

      (Revised July 2015)


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