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Student feedback

The Faculty is committed to taking student feedback seriously. We supplement the annual National Student Survey, which takes place during Lent Term, with our own more extensive survey of opinion every June, asking a wide range of questions about teaching, assessment and learning services.

Reports from both surveys, along with responses from Faculty officers, are considered by the Teaching and Learning Quality Committee (TLQC) in November, and reviewed by Faculty Board in December. 

The Faculty also conducts in-class evaluations of each lecture series. Staff are encouraged to respond directly to their own students about substantive issues raised by this process, but course convenors are also asked to submit a narrative summary of these responses to TLQC.

Undergraduate questionnaire (all years), summary of responses [Raven only]:

2013        2014      2015       2016      2017

National Student Survey (final year students), summary of responses [Raven only]:

2013        2014      2015       2016      2017