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History and Politics overview

Current History and Politics students will find detailed information about their course in Moodle, the University's Virtual Learning Environment.

All students will be enrolled to relevant Moodle courses before lectures begin.  If you do not see a paper you are studying on your Moodle dashboard, please contact the History and Politics administrator, Liz Partridge


Quick links to: 

Moodle (Raven login required)

Student handbook for Part IA and IB  Available shortly

History and Politics Tripos Lecture List  Available shortly

Timetables:  These are static timetables, and may not reflect any late adjustments. Changes are normally announced via Moodle.  The University's online timetable allows you to create a personalised calendar, and will be updated with any foreseen changes. 

  • Part IA (First years)   
  • Part IB (Second years)   

Individual Fellowship competition is now open. The internal University deadline is 3pm, 10 September 2019. 

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