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US Elections 2016

US Election 2016


©Gage Skidmore


For commentary on the 2016 US election by members of the American History Subject Group, please take note of the following media appearances and articles:


Media Appearances

Gary Gerstle

"America's Choice", America Decides, BBC World Service, (9 November 2016) (from 26 minutes)

“Hillary Clinton Makes Historic Speech”, Good Morning Britain, ITV4, (29 July 2016)

 "Pioneering Women", The Long View with Jonathan Freedland, BBC Radio 4: (25 July 2016)

Emily Charnock

 Appearance on "The World at One", BBC Radio 4, (2 November 2016) (from 11:30 minutes)



Emily Charnock

"How Trump Won: The Figures", Prospect, (9 November 2016)

"Donald Trump Brings Home His Dark Vision of America at the Republican Convention", The New Statesman, (23 July 2016)

 "Why Did Jeb Bush Fail?", The New Statesman, (26 February 2016)

"What Donald Trump Could Learn From Ronald Reagan", The New Statesman, (6 February 2016)

Gary Gerstle

"The Radicalization of the Republican Party", Zeit Online, (5 April 2017)

"Remember the Statehouses!", The Nation, (29 November 2016)

"Historian's Assess Obama's Legacy Under Trump's Shadow", The New York Times, (14 November 2016)

"The People Rise Up in the United States's Latest Seismic Political Shift", The Telegraph, (10 November 2016)

"America's Other Election", Dissent, (Fall, 2016)

"Corbyn, Sanders and the Populist Surge", The New Statesman, (22 September 2016)

"In Attacking Immigrants, Republicans Repeat a Century-Old Mistake", Zócalo, (4 August 2016)

"Donald Trump's 'America First' Slogan Has a Toxic Past", Deutsche Welle, (29 April 2016)

Nicholas Guyatt

"Donald Trump's Race-Baiting Rise Marks the End of Post-Racial America", The Telegraph, (10 November 2016)

Rhys Jones

"Donald Trump and the Election of 1800", History Today, (19 October 2016)