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Quantitative History Seminar

For Michaelmas term please see Core seminars in Economic and Social History 

EasterTerm 2019


Seminars will take place at 13.15 in Room 5, Faculty of History  

15 May: Dr Andrea Caracausi (University of Padova) and
Dr Giulio Ongaro (Bicocca University Milan)

Occupational Structures in the Republic of Venice (1780–1790)

Occupational structures are often seen as determinant in economic growth. Shifts from agricultural to non-agricultural occupations can increase per-capita income and enhance labour market performance. The basic idea is generally a theological ‘evolution’ from agriculture to industrial occupation given to proto-industrial or industrial development. However, evidence are mainly from north-western regions or eastern Europe, while accurate analysis for southern Europe are poor.

This paper is a first attempt to reconstruct occupational structures in some districts of the Republic of Venice at the end of the 18th century. Combining general overviews from regional surveys and micro-analytical case studies from a dozen villages in the area, we will try to evaluate the non-agricultural activities with reference to other characteristics: population, village size, social structure, infrastructure, etc. The use of other quantitative sources will be useful to estimate the role of women and child labour.


Easter Term 2019 programme - print version 

Convenor: Leigh Shaw-Taylor -


Supported by the Centre for History and Economics and the Trevelyan Fund

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