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Public and Popular History

What happens when history narratives are produced not for library bookshelves but for a mass audience? Does popularization of history automatically mean dumbing down? Who are the people who make history for the public sphere, and what are their motivations and priorities? The Public & Popular History seminar series brings them together, film makers, journalists, professional historians and museum curators. Through talks, multi-media presentations, panel discussions, and debates the seminar explores the practices and characteristics of public and popular history in the contemporary world.



Convenors: David Reynolds (djr17) and Helen McCarthy (hm234).
Bernhard Fulda (bdf20) is on leave.  

Meetings on Thursdays at 5pm in the Lloyd Room, Third Court, Christ’s College.

Thursday 9 May, 5pm
Lloyd Room, Third Court, Christ’s College

History, Heritage and the Public:
Academic Collaborations with the National Trust

In recent years, the National Trust has been at the forefront of collaborative engagement between heritage professionals and academic experts, including many university-based historians. In this seminar, our speakers reflect on the opportunities and challenges of this kind of partnership, coming at it from both sides of the relationship.

Prof.  Hannah Barker (Manchester University) has been working as a Historical Advisor on the restoration of Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire.

Helen Antrobus (National Trust) joined the National Trust in 2018 as National Public Programme Curator, having previously worked as a curator at the People's History Museum, Manchester.


The Seminar is grateful for the generous support of the Trevelyan Fund.


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