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Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure

Cambridge Population Studies Centre,
Faculty of History, West Road, Cambridge  CB3 9EF

Seminars run only in Lent and Easter terms.


Lent Term 2019

20th February

Alice Reid (University of Cambridge)
'If only this could be my last': new ideas about reducing family size during the demographic transition

6th March
Bob Bennett, Harry Smith, Carry van Lieshout and Piero Montebruno (University of Cambridge)
The Age of Entrepreneurship: whole-population analysis of trends in entrepreneurship 1851-1911 from the censuses


The support of the Trevelyan Fund (Faculty of History) is gratefully acknowledged.


Convenors: Romola Davenport (, Alice Reid ( and Leigh Shaw-Taylor (


Lent 2019 programme - print version


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