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Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure

Cambridge Population Studies Centre,
Faculty of History, West Road, Cambridge  CB3 9EF

Seminars run only in Lent and Easter terms.


Easter Term 2019

The seminar meets on Wednesdays at 13:15
Room 5, Faculty of History, West Road, CB3 9EF

8th May

Liam Kennedy (Queen's University, Belfast) and Peter Solar

(Free University, Brussels)

'The famine that wasn't? 1799-1801 in Ireland'


22nd May

Toke Aidt (Faculty of Economics, Cambridge), Romola Davenport (Cambridge Group) and Felix Grey (Faculty of Economics, Cambridge)

'A new perspective on the role of public investment in sanitation and mortality decline in urban England 1870-1911'


12th June

David Green (KCL), Doug Brown (Kingston University), Kathleen McIlvenna

(University of Derby) and Nicola Shelton (UCL)

'Addressing health: sickness and retirement in the Victorian Post Office‘



The support of the Trevelyan Fund (Faculty of History) is gratefully acknowledged.


Convenors: Romola Davenport (, Alice Reid ( and Leigh Shaw-Taylor (

 Easter 2019 programme - print version


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