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Core seminar in economic and social history

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Michaelmas Term 2017

Seminars begin at 5pm in the Old Library, Darwin College (entrance on Silver St).. Each seminar is followed by drinks and (usually) dinner with the speaker. All welcome!

5 October

Dr Anthony Hotson (Centre for Financial History, Cambridge)

Respectable banking: the search for stability in London’s money and credit markets since 1695


12 October

Dr Phil Slavin (University of Kent)

The Great European Famine of 1315-7 revisited: nature, institutions and demography


19 October

No seminar
(Professor Gareth Austin will give his inaugural lecture on 20 October)


26 October

Dr Lluis To Figueras (University of Girona)

Cloth consumption and commercialization in the Western Mediterranean before the Black Death


2 November

Professor Jane Whittle (University of Exeter)

The gender division of labour in Early Modern England: a new approach with new findings


9 November

Ian Kumekawa (Harvard University)

The first serious optimist: A.C. Pigou and the politics of welfare economics



16 November

Dr Siân Pooley (University of Oxford)

The children of the state? The social impact of welfare in modern Britain



23 November

Professor Kevin Schürer (University of Leicester)

Using 'big data' to explore household and family structures in England and Wales in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries


30 November

Professor Ewout Frankema (Wageningen University

Why Malthus wasn’t African. Reviewing explanations and implications of low population densities in pre-1900 Sub-Saharan Africa


 This seminar is a combination of eight seminar programmes:

Medieval economic and social history;
Early modern economic and social history;
Modern economic and social history;
Quantitative history;
The Centre for Financial History;
The Centre for History and Economics;
The Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure;
The Centre for Quantitative Economic History.

Their specialist seminar programmes do not run in Michaelmas term, but each meets separately again in Lent and (sometimes) Easter.

The core seminar is grateful for the support of Darwin College and for the generosity of the Trevelyan Fund.

Seminar coordinators:Duncan Needham (), Amy Erickson (), and Leigh Shaw-Taylor ().

Economic and Social History at Cambridge:


Michaelmas Term 2017 programme - print version


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