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Early Modern Interdisciplinary

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Lent Term 2018


The Early Modern Interdisciplinary Seminar is a fortnightly meeting of scholars whose work relates to any aspect of early modern history.

The seminar seeks to highlight and discuss innovative research that weaves together a diverse array of disciplines, including History, Literature, Philosophy, Law, Geography, Archaeology, Linguistics, Economics, and Theology. It aims to bring academics, researchers and students from a wide variety of fields, academic backgrounds, and geographical locations into ever-closer dialogue with one another, and to explore the many ways in which cross-disciplinary themes, ideas, arguments and evidence can illuminate the early modern period.

The seminar also seeks to challenge conventional boundaries of periodization and space, inviting scholars of ancient, medieval and modern worlds to explore the relationships between their work and the early modern period.

The meeting is divided into two sections. The first section invites a guest speaker to deliver a paper on their research for one hour. The second section provides 15-30 minutes for the speaker to answer questions on the topic and engage in a discussion on the cross-disciplinary implications of their work.

 Attendees are invited to bring a packed lunch to the seminar. Tea and coffee is also provided.

The seminars are held in Room GR04 in the Faculty of English from 12.00 to 13:15pm unless otherwise indicated

 For further information and conversation there is a seminar blog

24th January

Dr. Kirsty Rofle (University of Sussex)
‘Fatal and memorable’: Plague, War, and Providential Knowledge

21st February

Sean Geddes (University of Cambridge)
Some subtleties o'th' isle': Shakespeare's Tempest and Montaigne's Apologie of Raymond Sebond


Dr. Tamara Atkin (Queen Mary University of London)
Remediating Inns of Court Drama: Gismond of Salerne in Script and Print



Esther Osorio Whewell (Jesus)
Tessa Peres (King's)

Lent Term 2018 programme - print version


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