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Early Modern Economic and Social History

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Easter Term 2019


The seminar meets Thursdays at 5pm in Room 12 of the History Faculty. We normally have dinner with the speaker afterwards, to which all are welcome.

Convenors: Amy Erickson, Craig Muldrew, Leigh Shaw-Taylor and Paul Warde

25 April: Richard Bell (Oxford)

Charity, Debt and Social Control in England's Early Modern Prisons

This paper explores the nature, scope and distribution of prison charity in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England, particularly among incarcerated debtors. It reveals its significance as a vector of moral judgement, and how the ethical context of credit relations gave prisons new significance as institutions of discipline, punishment and rehabilitation.


9 May: Jessica Dijkman (Utrecht)

Relief Stocks in Early Modern Holland

In the towns of early modern Holland grain price peaks triggered reactions by the urban authorities. Among them were public grain purchases, to be used for relief. This paper analyses the development of this practice in Amsterdam between the mid-sixteenth and mid-eighteenth century, looking at volumes purchased, expenses incurred and methods employed for the distribution of relief. The crises of 1556-57 and 1698-1700 are examined in greater detail.


16 May:  Oscar Gelderblom (Utrecht) and Joost Jonker (Amsterdam)

The Evolution of Financial Markets in the Early Modern Netherlands

To understand the development of financial markets in the Low Countries before the Industrial Revolution we have to look beyond the world of high finance centered around Antwerp and Amsterdam. Empirically, this is difficult, however, because primary sources on ordinary households and small-scale businesses are scarce. We try to remedy this shortcoming through an explicit focus on the demand for four key financial services: payments, loans, savings, and insurance.


The support of the Trevelyan Fund (Faculty of History) is gratefully acknowledged.

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