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Early Modern British and Irish History

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Easter Term 2019

Wednesdays 5.15pm,
Graham Storey Room, Trinity Hall

1st May

Laura Gowing (KCL):

'Bred in the Exchange': Women, Apprenticeship and Shopkeeping in Late Seventeenth-Century London


8 May

Mark Goldie (Churchill):

‘Career Reflections’




Gabriel Glickman,
Mark Goldie,

Clare Jackson,
Kate Peters,
David Smith,
Alex Walsham


Easter Term 2019 programme - print version



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17 October                  Alexandra Walsham (Trinity College), ‘Talking Toleration: Speech, Silence, and Religious Coexistence in Early Modern England’



24 October                  Hillary Taylor (Jesus College), ‘The Price of the Poor’s Words: The Politics of Testimony in Early Modern England’



31 October                  Johanna Harris (University of Exeter), TBC



7 November                Esther Counsell (Trinity College), TBC



14 November              Kenneth Fincham (University of Kent) and Stephen Taylor (Durham University), ‘The Re-Establishment of the Church of England 1660–62, Revisited’



21 November              Susan Doran (University of Oxford), ‘A Jagged Transition: The Accession of James I’


30th January


Rachel Hammersley
Experiencing the Commonwealth of Oceana: The Literary and Material Dimensions of James Harrington’s Works


6th February


Laura Flannigan, Tenyia Miller, Alice O’Driscoll
Historiography Panel: Gender and Agency in Early Modern England: Family, Law, and Word


13th February

Ian Williams

James VI and I, Rex et Iudex: One king as judge in two kingdoms


20th February


Abigail Gomulkiewicz            

Title tba


27th February


Tristan Griffin

The Guildhall Putsch: The York Civic Corporation and Royalist Military Government


6th March

Maureen Meikle
Once a Dane, Always a Dane: Queen Anna of Denmark’s Foreign Relations and Intercessions as a Queen Consort of Scotland and England, 1588–1619

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Jul 12, 2019

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