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Cambridge Late Antique Network Seminar

Cambridge Late Antique Network Seminar (CLANS)


The seminar provides an inter-disciplinary platform for classicists, historians, archaeologists, and theologians working on Late Antiquity. It meets roughly fortnightly on Tuesdays at 5 pm in room B16 of the Faculty of Law. The convenors for the academic year 2019/20 are Silvio Roggo (sbr30) and Brigid Ehrmantraut (bke22).


Lent Term 2020


4 February

Sarah Greer (University of Oxford)

Becoming Royal: the Politics of Female Monasticism in the Vita Hathumodae


11 February

James Corke-Webster (King’s College London)

The Apologetic Memory of Persecution


18 February

John Weisweiler (University of Cambridge)

Symmachus’ Correspondence and the Formation of a Trans-Regional Elite in the Fourth Century


3 March

Jamie Wood (University of Lincoln)

What was 'Byzantine' about Byzantine Hispania (6th-7th century)?


10 March

George Woudhuysen (University of Nottingham)



header image: J.W. Waterhouse - The favourites of the Emperor Honorius


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