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British political history, 380-1100 (Paper 2)

Part I, Paper 2
  • Anglo-Saxon Cluster: web-based digital resource articulated around the Anglo-Saxon charters as core material
  • Anglo-Saxon History: links for useful resources for Anglo-Saxon History, from the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic (University of Cambridge)
  • Bibliography of British and Irish History*: bibliographical database of books, articles in books and articles in journals dealing with the British Isles, and with the British Empire and Commonwealth; contains over 500,000 records, and provides links to online texts where available
  • British History Online*: digital library of printed primary and secondary sources for British history, divided into subjects: administrative and legal history; ecclesiastical and religious history; economic history; intellectual, scientific and cultural history; local history; parliamentary history; urban and metropolitan history
  • Early English Laws: website of a project to publish online and in print new editions and translations of all English legal codes, edicts, and treatises produced up to the time of Magna Carta
  • Internet Medieval Sourcebook: a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented for educational use, covering medieval history
  • Iter Bibliography*: bibliographical database covering the Middle Ages and Renaissance (400-1700); contains over 1.1 million records

(Resources marked * denote those subscribed to by the University Library; should any of the links not work, go to the eresources & ejournals page and try accessing the resource from there)