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European history, 776 B.C.-A.D. 69 (Paper 12)

Part I, Paper 12
Temple of Saturn
  • Cambridge Companions Online*: full texts of the Cambridge Companions series; also accessible through Newton (titles include The Cambridge Companion to the age of Augustus and The Cambridge companion to the Roman Republic)
  • Cambridge Histories Online*: full texts of the Cambridge Histories series (includes The Cambridge ancient history, The Cambridge economic history of the Greco-Roman world, The Cambridge history of Greek and Roman warfare)
  • Leuven Database of Ancient Books: database attempting to collect the basic information on all ancient literary texts, as opposed to documents; items range in date from 4th century B.C. to A.D. 800
  • New Pauly Online*: online encyclopedia of the ancient world, from the prehistory of the Aegean to Late Antiquity
  • Oxford Reference*: online reference works (includes The Oxford encyclopedia of Greece and Rome)

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