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History for Schools

I really enjoyed learning about the different manuscripts and deciphering codes.

Cambridge History for Schools is an outreach initiative for school children aged 7-11 and 11-14 started by Ulinka Rublack for the History Faculty in October 2011. It aims to stimulate critical thinking about evidence and interpretations. The History Faculty covers a particularly broad range of specialisms, and our workshops wish to communicate our research on diverse subjects which sometimes lie outside school curricula.  

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Some feedback from the sessions

"I enjoyed being able to touch"

"I liked making the pills and the gory parts."

"I really enjoyed learning about why the Ottoman empire sided with the Germans and finding out how the ordinary people felt about the war. I was interested to find out that the Ottomans found the English and other people improper. Thank you for a great time!"

"I liked how the whole group shared all their opinions freely."

"What I really enjoyed about today was the shoes as I never knew that rich ladies put shoes on their precious shoes when they went outside"

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