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The Schools Liaison Office provides a point of contact for students and teachers interested in our undergraduate degrees in History, History & Modern Languages, and History & Politics. Please contact us with general enquiries about the course. We are also happy to help in finding visiting speakers. We will do our best to answer admissions enquiries. However, enquiries about admissions criteria (e.g. about international qualifications) are better directed to the Cambridge Admissions Office, and enquiries about admissions procedures (e.g. about at-interview tests) are better directed to particular colleges.

If you would like to contact us, please email


Are you thinking about applying to Cambridge to study history? Join our drop-in sessions and send us your questions!


This year, the Faculty of History is running a series of events for students from all over the UK who are thinking about applying for history. When you register for your chosen event, you will receive two video links:
1. A short video giving an introduction to the newly reformed History degree ("Tripos") at Cambridge, which will replace the old degree from 2022 onward
2. A mini taster lecture from one of our academics  
You'll be able to watch both in advance of the live session, and we encourage you to send in your questions about either video. During the live session, lecturers will be available to give answers to any submitted questions, as well as answer further questions from attending students.

Please register your interest at our Eventbrite here:

Cambridge History for Schools

We are an outreach initiative for school children aged 7-11 and 11-14 started by Professor Ulinka Rublack for the History Faculty in October 2011. We aim to stimulate critical thinking about evidence and interpretations. The History Faculty covers a particularly broad range of specialisms, and our workshops wish to communicate our research on diverse subjects which sometimes lie outside school curricula.  

The sessions are held once per term with separate events for each age group.



History for Schools is doing things a little differently this year. Normally, we love nothing more than inviting you to come and see us here at the History Faculty. This year, to keep everyone safe, we have moved online for Michaelmas and Lent. 
We have some great workshops for you to download for use at home or school.  Rather than being limited to just one day, our virtual workshops will be available from their launch date until the end of the academic year.

Please watch this space for forthcoming information or contact Stephanie Brown at if you have any questions.

2020-21 programme