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Munich Workshop

An interdisciplinary workshop in partnership with LMU Munich

From 11 to 13 July, an interdisciplinary workshop addressing ‘New Perspectives in the Historical Research of Empires’ took place as the inaugural event of ‘New perspectives in East and South East European Studies’, a new collaborative project funded by the strategic partnership of LMU Munich and the University of Cambridge. Professor Martin Schulze Wessel and Dr Hubertus Jahn, the two PIs of the project, welcomed the participants at the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies / Graduiertenschule für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien in Munich. Professor Ekaterina Boltunova (Moscow) gave a highly inspiring keynote lecture on ‘The last King of Poland: The coronation of Nicholas I in Warsaw in 1829 and Russian-Polish historical memory’. Over the following days, doctoral candidates, postdocs and faculty from various disciplines in both universities presented their research and discussed the histories and cultures of empires in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia from antiquity to the present. Individual panels explored ‘Spaces between centre and periphery’, ‘Science’, ‘Post-colonial legacies’, ‘Representations’, and ‘Political orders and international politics’. The full programme can be found here.

Sarah Slye, a second-year PhD student from Cambridge, succinctly summarized the atmosphere of the event: ‘That was a great workshop. I thought the level of professionalism and scholarly exchange combined with calibre of presentations, openness and intellectual humility and curiosity was truly exciting.’

The collaborative project will continue with a second workshop on the topic of ‘Memory’ in Cambridge in December.