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Secondary Education and Social Change in the UK since 1945

Professor Peter Mandler has been awarded an ESRC research grant to run a four-year project on 'Secondary Education and Social Change in the UK since 1945', with former Cambridge PhD students Laura Carter and Chris Jeppesen, to start October 2017. Llanbedr Secondary Modern School (5099744474) teaser The project will use qualitative as well as quantitative material from the birth-cohort studies, other social surveys, school and local authority archives and oral histories to track the effects that universal secondary education - suddenly achieved after the Second World War - had on the individual life course, career aspirations and achievements, and the experiences and identities of specific communities. Partner organizations include the Historical Association, the Sutton Trust, and History & Policy. A public engagement fellow will join the team after two years to reach out to schools around the country, in conjunction with the Historical Association. It is hoped to join hands too with many other projects now awakening to the significance of mass education in recent history. The project hopes to put education back into our understanding of modern British social history, as one of the crucibles of identity and experience across the life-course, not for some but the whole of the population.