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Requesting an X5 costing for your application

This form consists of two pages. Please complete both pages, otherwise your request will not be submitted.

This form should be filled in by all researchers applying for a research grant through the Faculty of History. Your information will be received by the Faculty’s Research Grants Administrator (RGA), who will produce an X5 costing and will support you in processing and submitting your application. All estimates should be treated as provisional, but are an important starting point to completing an application. If you have any queries please contact the .

Information should be submitted no later than 5 days before the deadline (if standard project grant). Please note that due to different types of applications, the time needed to process and submit your application may vary, thus read carefully the checklist ‘Applying for a research grant through the Faculty of History’ when thinking of applying.

5. Does your contract of employment with the University outlast the project's end? If No, please discuss this issue with the RGA and the Head of Department (HoD)  

6. Your role in this project  

7. Is it a collaborative project?  

13. Proposed project start date  
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