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Ellen McArthur Prize Recipients

Ellen McArthur Prize winners 1933 - 2016

Xuesheng You, Women’s employment in England and Wales, 1851-1911

(awarded 2016; unpublished)

Anjali Bhardwaj-Datta, Rebuilding lives and redefining spaces: women in post-colonial Delhi, 1945-1980 

(awarded 2016; unpublished)

Adrian Leonard, The origins and development of London Marine Insurance, 1547-1824 

(awarded 2015; unpublished)

Jagjeet Lally, Indo-Central Asian trade c1600-1900 

(awarded 2015; unpublished)

Sean Bottomley, The British patent system during the Industrial Revolution, 1700-1852 

(awarded 2014; CUP 2014)

Jocelyn Betts, The business enterprise in mid-Victorian social thought 

(awarded 2013; unpublished)

Stephen Thompson, Census taking, political economy and state formation in Britain c1790-1840 

(awarded 2011; unpublished)

Sarah Louise Walters, Fertility, morality and marriage in Northwest Tanzania 1920-1970: a demographic study using parish registers 

(awarded 2010; unpublished)

J Laite, Common Prostitutes and Ordinary Citizens: Commercial Sex in London, 1885-1960

(awarded 2008; Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) 

C Beauchamp, Invented by Law: Alexander Graham Bell and the Patent That Changed America

(awarded 2007; Harvard University Press, 2015)

Mark Roodhouse, Black Market Britain

(awarded 2004; OUP 2013)

L.K Lahiri Choudhury, A Social and Political History of the Telegraph in the Indian Empire, circa 1850-1920 

(awarded 2004; Palgrave Macmillan, 2010) 

Felicitas Becker, A social history of southeastern Tanzania c1900-1950 

(awarded 2002; unpublished)

J Davis, Perceptions and reality of merchants, trade regulation and commercialisation: case studies of medieval Suffolk, 1200-1500 

(awarded 2002; unpublished)  

David Stone, The management of resources on the demesne farm of Wisbech Barton, 1314-1430

(awarded 1999; CUP 1998)

T.J Lockley, Lines in the Sand: Race and Class in Lowcountry Georgia, 1750-1860 

(awarded 1996; University of Georgia Press, 2001)

A.L. Erickson, Women and property in early modern England 

(awarded 1993; Routledge, 1993)

Steven Epstein, An island for itself: Economic development and social change in late medieval Sicily 

(awarded 1992; CUP 2003)

Ina Maria Zweininger-Bargielowska, Industrial relationships and nationalisation in the South Wales coalmining industry 

(awarded 1990; unpublished)

Simon Szreter, The decline of marital fertility in England and Wales c. 1870-1914 

(awarded 1985; CUP, 1996)

M.J Stephenson, Wool yields in medieval England 

(awarded 1984; Economic History Review, Volume 41, issue 3, August 1988, Pages 368–391) 

S. Prakash, The Impact of the Market on the Evolution of Agrarian Economy in (British) Gujarat 1850-1940 

(awarded 1983; unpublished)

H. James, The Reichsbank and Public Finance in Germany 1924-1933. A Study of the Politics of Economics during the Great Depression 

(awarded 1983; Frankfurt am Maim, 1985)

J.K. Fedorowicz, England’s Baltic trade in the early 17th century 

(awarded 1977; Cambridge Studies in Economic History, 1980) 

Susan Howson, Domestic monetary management in Britain, 1919-38 

(awarded 1975; CUP 1975) 

Edmund King, Peterborough Abbey 1086-1310 

(awarded 1973; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1973)

Heinz Kent, War and trade in the northern seas: Anglo-Scandinavian economic relation in the mid-18th century 

(awarded 1973; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1973)

J.Z. Titow, Winchester yields: A study in mediaeval agricultural productivity 

(awarded 1970; CSEH, with aid of E.M. Fund, 1971)

Michael Drake, Population and society in Norway 1735-1865 

(awarded 1967; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1969)

David Grigg, The agricultural revolution in south Lincolnshire 

(awarded 1966; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1966)

H.E. Hallam, Settlement and society 

(awarded 1965; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1965)

L. Jayawardena, The supply of Sinhalese labour to Ceylon plantations 

(awarded 1963; unpublished)

Dharma Kumar, Land and caste in south India: agricultural labour in Madras presidency in the 19th century 

(awarded 1962; CSEH 1965)

E.A. Wrigley, Industrial growth and population change

(awarded 1957; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1961)

W.G. Rimmer, Marshalls of Leeds, flax-spinners 1788-1886 

(awarded 1957; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1960)

Ian W.  Macpherson, British investment in Indian Guaranteed Railways, 1845-1875 

(awarded 1956; unpublished)

G.S.L. Tucker, Progress and profit in British economic thought 1650-1850 

(awarded 1955; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1960)

B.E. Supple, Commercial crisis and change in England 1600-1642

(awarded 1959; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1959)

G.A. Holmes, The estates of the higher nobility in 14th-century England 

(awarded 1957; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1957)

Harold Wright, Free trade and protection in the Netherlands 1816-30 

(awarded 1955; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1955)

Andre J. Bourde, The influence on England of French agronomes 1750-89 

(awarded 1953; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1953)

Michael Greenberg, British trade and the opening of China 1800-42 

(awarded 1951; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1951)

E. Victor Morgan, The theory and practice of central banking 1797-1913 

(awarded 1943; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1943)

R.A.L. Smith, Canterbury Cathedral priory 

(awarded 1943; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1943)

Charles H. Wilson, Anglo-Dutch commerce and finance in the eighteenth century 

(awarded 1941; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1941)

H.C. Darby, The medieval Fenland

(awarded 1940; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1940; reprinted 1970)

W.O. Henderson, The Zollverein 

(awarded 1939; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1939)

Arthur Hope-Jones, Income taxes in the Napoleonic wars 

(awarded 1939; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1939)

E.E. Rich, The ordinance book of the Merchants of the Staple 

(awarded 1937; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1937)

Ethel Mary Hampson, The treatment of poverty in Cambridgeshire 1597-1834 

(awarded 1934; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1934)

Frances M. Page, The estates of Crowland Abbey 

(awarded 1934; CSEH, with aid of E. M. Fund, 1934)

H.M. Robertson, Aspects of the rise of economic individualism 

(awarded 1933; CSEH, with aid of E. M Fund, 1933)

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