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Studying Saint-Domingue after the Haitian Aid Crisis

3rd September 2018

This one-day workshop will reflect on how (and how not) to write the history of colonial Haiti in the wake of the recent aid scandal.

It will bring together representatives from United Haitians in the United Kingdom, the Ethical Journalism Network, the EU External Action Service, the Haiti Support Group and the Haitian ambassadorial delegation, as well as a range of academics interested in the study of Saint-Domingue.

This is a difficult period of history from both European and Haitian perspectives and one that needs retelling with particular sensitivity in relation to the post-colonial present and its complexities. How can scholars of this period reflect on the relevance of their research for contemporary Haiti? How can historians interested in the colonial history of Haiti better collaborate with stakeholders involved in Haiti and the Haitian diaspora today?

And how, more broadly, should Cambridge University be responding to newspaper headlines concerning the push to decolonize the curriculum and the general context of western aid involvement in Haiti?

 If you wish to attend, please email Rhys Jones – – by 17 August.


Haiti Workshop Poster