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Sectarianism and Beyond: New Perspectives in Modern Irish History

Saturday 25th January 2014 Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge


9.30am: Conference registration (Knox Shaw Room, Cloister Court)


10am: Panel 1, Britain, Ireland and Sectarianism (Chair: Professor Eugenio Biagini) (Knox Shaw Room, Cloister Court)

Niamh Gallagher (St Catharine's College, Cambridge) "Ascribing or prescribing categories? Beyond sectarianism in Ireland's war effort, 1914 -1918"

Charles Read (Christ's College and Peterhouse, Cambridge) "Racism or classicism?  British Policy Makers and the Irish during the Famine period"

Dr Colin Barr (University of Aberdeen) "The decline of imported sectarianism & the erosion of Irish Protestant colonial identities within the British Empire"


12.30pm: Lunch (Upper Hall, Christ's College)


1.30pm: Panel 2A, Sectarianism and political thought in the long nineteenth-century (Chair: Professor Keith Jeffery)

(Knox Shaw Room, Cloister Court)

Daniel Ritchie (Queen's University, Belfast) "Isaac Nelson, ideology, and the case for Irish Home Rule"

James Stafford (Emmanuel College, Cambridge) "Ireland and the contest of empires: Arthur O'Connor and Thomas Brooke Clarke on Britain and France, 1798-1804"

Shane Nagle (Royal Holloway College, University of London) "The sectarian or confessional paradigm in national historiography: an Irish-German comparative perspective"

Ruairi Cullen (Queen's University, Belfast) "The Fitzgerald family in the nineteenth-century historical imagination"


1.30pm: Panel 2B, Sectarianism and War (Chair: Niamh Gallagher)

(Seminar Room 2, Chapel Court)

Dr Darragh Gannon (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) "Between Green and Orange: The Irish experience in Britain"

Cecilia Biaggi (University of Oxford) "The Belfast boycott in Northern Ireland, 1921-22"

Dr Laura McAtackney (University College, Dublin) "Following the Fighters? Using gender and geography as vectors of interpretation in understanding the Irish Civil War, 1922-1923"

Joseph Quinn (Trinity College, Dublin) "Ireland, Britain and the Irish Volunteers in the British Forces during the Second World War"


3:30pm: Tea (Knox Shaw Room, Cloister Court)


4pm: Panel 3A, Violence, Race and Sectarianism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (Chair: Charles Read) (Knox Shaw Room, Cloister Court)

Dr Richard McMahon (University of Edinburgh) "Sectarianism and violence in nineteenth century Ireland: new perspectives"

Ciaran McDonnell (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) "Do we still fear to speak of '98? The 1798 rebellion, sectarianism, and the British military"

Dr Richard McMahon (University College Cork)- "Black Kelts and Germanic Protestants: How nineteenth-century race classifiers defined Irishness"


4pm: Panel 3B, Sectarianism in the 1970s (Chair: Professor Eugenio Biagini)

(Seminar Room 2, Chapel Court)

Rory Milhench (Trinity College, Dublin) "Sectarianism, the Irish Dimension and the Unionist ideology during the 1970s"

Dr Martin McCleery (Queen's University, Belfast) "It is widely assumed that the Bloody Sunday matter is over and done with.  But it isn't. Reassessing Bloody Sunday 1972"

Dr Robert Saunders (Queen Mary College, University of London) "A Vote for the Common Market is a vote for Ecumenism, Rome, Dictatorship, Anti-Christ: Northern Ireland and the Britain in Europe Referendum, 1975".


6pm: Keynote Lecture Dr Tim Wilson (University of St Andrews), Discussant: Professor Eugenio Biagini (University of Cambridge), (Knox Shaw Room, Cloister Court)


7pm: Conference wine reception (Knox Shaw Room, Cloister Court)


8pm: Conference Dinner (Pizza Express, Jesus Lane)


The organisers of the conference would like to thank the generosity of the Trevelyan Fund of the Faculty of History and the Royal Historical Society for financial assistance, and the Master, Fellows and Scholars of Sidney Sussex College and Christ's College for kindly hosting us for the day.