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Reformed theology and conformity in England's long Reformation

Trinity College, Cambridge

Junior Parlour


21-22 November 2019


Sponsored by the Cambridge School of the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Cambridge School of Arts and Humanities.



Jake Griesel                            (Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge)

Esther Counsell                       (Faculty of History, Cambridge)

Samuel Fornecker                   (Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge)

Alice Soulieux-Evans            (Faculty of History, Cambridge)


This symposium aims to be the first of its kind to focus on the influence of Reformed theology on understandings of conformity in the early modern English church. It will seek to interrogate how Reformed theology inspired arguments for and against conformity in the Church of England, and indeed, how conformity was defined in a post-Reformation Church wielding the powers of the civil magistrate. The symposium will draw together scholars from a range of disciplines, including historical theology and political, religious and intellectual history. Our two plenary speakers are Prof. Anthony Milton (University of Sheffield) and Dr. Jacqueline Rose (University of St Andrews).


Non-speakers are welcome to register and attend. Registration closes Friday 8 November.

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