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Political Thought, Time and History

10th and 11th May 2018

An International Conference
to be held at Clare College
hosted by
the Centre for Political Thought, University of Cambridge

It is easy to assume that political thought is bound up with time and history.  To most historians, time and history are obvious dimensions of politics; politics occur in contexts which are temporal and historical, and must be studied by reference to the evidence provided by those contexts.  Periodically historians have questioned whether temporality should be regarded as uniform; recently, there has been much interest in the thesis that ‘modernity’ entailed a new understanding of time. The aim of this conference will be to explore the variety of engagements with time and history found in political thinkers, the better to understand (and, perhaps, to explain) why political philosophy has been unable to take these concepts for granted.

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Contributions from

Annabel Brett
Christopher Clark
David D’Avray
Megan Donaldson
George Garnett
Aaron Garrett
Dina Gusejnova
Kinch Hoekstra
Caroline Humfress
Charlotte Johann
Shruti Kapila
Aline-Florence Manent
Chris Meckstroth
Sarah Mortimer
John Robertson
Magnus Ryan
Silvia Sebastiani
Quentin Skinner

The programme and a registration link can be found here

Pol thought time 2