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Language Work

Foreign Languages

The Faculty offers a  ‘languages’ stream of options within the Themes and Sources paper in Part I for students who arrive with at least an AS-level or equivalent in the relevant language. These involve online and personal language teaching to prepare students to study primary sources in the original and to use them in their examined work.  French and German options are currently offered. 

Undergraduates who wish to extend their linguistic expertise may also do so in various other ways, for instance by enrolling at the University Language Centre. Through the Cambridge University Language Programme, the Language Centre offers beginners, intermediate and advanced courses focused on the acquisition of conversational skills and key grammatical knowledge in a wide range of languages, from French, German and Spanish to Hindi, Mandarin, Swahili and Brazilian Portuguese. All students receive a Certificate of Proficiency on completion of their studies. 

Those wishing to undertake more in-depth language studies, alongside History, should consider applying for the new History and Modern Languages joint degree pathway.