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Mock Interview

  • Videos were filmed using current undergraduates, not actual applicants. These undergraduates were volunteers. They were not paid for participating in the video, and the interviews themselves were not scripted in any way;
  • The undergraduates in the videos were instructed to answer questions using the level of knowledge which they believe themselves to have had at the time when they applied to Cambridge (i.e. not the level of knowledge they have now). Such things are always difficult to estimate and the undergraduates may well have presented themselves more favourably in these videos than they did at their actual interviews. It should be remembered in any case that these undergraduates were successful applicants, and therefore would presumably have done fairly well at their interviews in any case. Students should not be put off from applying because they do not feel they reach the standard demonstrated by the applicants in the videos;
  • These interviews are intended to give an accurate idea of a Cambridge interview, and their aim is to demystify the interview process and give applicants a clearer sense of what to expect. They are not intended to provide a basis for a ‘winning formula’ for a successful application to Cambridge;
  • The ‘applicants’ in these videos are not necessarily typical of the students normally admitted to Cambridge, and no attempt should be made to divine from them the personality type or profile of a successful applicant.
Equally, these interviews are not necessarily entirely typical of the kind of interview an applicant can expect at Cambridge in the subjects shown. Many subjects use several interviewers, and all have their own ‘style’ of interviewing;
If a student happens to apply to Cambridge for one of the subjects for which we have filmed an interview, they will not be asked the same questions as are shown in the videos.