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Resources for Graduate Students

Celestial globe of Muhammad Salih Tahtawi, from the Mughal Empire, c.1630.

Resources for Graduate Students

One of the major advantages of being at Cambridge is the superb range and variety of resources available for graduate students. There are over one hundred libraries in the University system, and the University Library itself is one of the finest research libraries in the world.

In addition, and of particular interest to World History students, the Centre of South Asian Studies holds more than 40,000 books and issues of journals, many of them published in South Asia. It also holds a unique collection of private papers, films and microfilmed newspapers relating to the history, culture and present condition of South Asia. The Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies holds a related collection of articles and printed books. The Centre for African Studies also has its own collection of materials.

Graduates also have access to many other faculty libraries, some of them conveniently located on the Sidgwick Site, including Economics, Classics and English. There are also libraries in each of the Colleges and, although these are primarily intended for undergraduate use, some have important holdings of rare books and manuscripts. The Fitzwilliam Museum offers a magnificent array of artefacts as well as manuscript and rare book collections. The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology has a large collection dating back to its origins in the nineteenth century, with particular strengths in the Pacific and Africa.