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Seminars and Research Training

Research Training

The World History Seminar Series involves and includes all faculty members, postdoctoral fellows, affiliates, and graduate students in a weekly presentation of research. This is often presented by a visitor to the University, or may be the work of a lecturer or fellow in the World History Group. This Seminar has marked the University of Cambridge out as a global centre for World History scholarship for several generations. MPhil students are both expected to attend, and are warmly welcomed.  

In addition, the large graduate student community in World History organises its own vibrant graduate-led workshop, of which MPhil students are a vital part. Contributions to, and participation in, this workshop forms a key part of the weekly schedule in term time. 

Please see 
World History Seminar Series and World History Grad Workshops

Celestial globe of Muhammad Salih Tahtawi, from the Mughal Empire, c.1630.