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Core Course: Debates in World History

Core Course: Debates in World History (Dr Andrew Arsan and Dr Natasha Pairaudeau)

Michaelmas Term, 2 hour seminar per week x 8 weeks
Assessment: Essay: 3–4,000 words

WH MPhil - CoreUnder what circumstances did the scholarly field of world history emerge? How is it related historiographically to global and imperial history, to area studies, and to postcolonialism? The core course is compulsory for all students enrolled in the MPhil in World History. For 2017-2018 it is convened and taught by Dr Andrew Arsan and Dr Natasha Pairaudeau. It is historiographically based, engaging students with key scholarship, classic texts, and their revisions. Several origins and traditions of world history, global history, transnational history, and regional history will be established and questioned in student-led seminar discussion. Our reading will follow eight key lines of historical inquiry: Periodisation; Geographies and Regions; Imperialism; Religion; Economics; Environment; Race; Gender and Sexuality.