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Aims of the Course

Aims of the Course

The MPhil in World History aims to:

  • explore why world history is one of the fastest growing fields of research in current historiography, and how post-colonialism, trans-nationalism and their revisions have driven this burgeoning literature;
  • train students in the use of the printed, manuscript, visual and oral sources for the study of world history, and introduce the use of sources, within and beyond the colonial and national archives;
  • offer an intensive introduction to research methodologies and skills useful for the study of world history, including language skills;
  • introduce new regions, perspectives, connectivities and ruptures in historical processes in their widest extent, and in local, continental or oceanic settings;
  • provide an opportunity for students to undertake, at postgraduate level, a piece of original historical research in world history under close supervision: to write a substantial piece of history in the form of a dissertation with full scholarly apparatus.

By the end of the programme, students will have:

  • knowledge of key debates and trends in world history and historiography
  • skills in presenting work in both oral and written form
  • acquired the ability to situate their own research findings within the context of previous and current interpretative scholarly debates in the field