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Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff


Those involved in teaching the MPhil are internationally known scholars in their areas of specialisation.  They are drawn from the staff of the participating Faculties, and one or two other Faculties besides. In a given academic year, a number of those listed may be on leave for all or part of the year; contact the Administrative Secretary of the course for particular information about this. The following list of academic staff who supervise for this MPhil is not exhaustive; appropriate supervision may be offered by someone not on this list.

Dr Arthur Asseraf (History & Trinity)

Dr Ankur Barua (Divinity)

Dr Julie Barrau (History & Emmanuel)

Prof Richard Bourke (History & King's)

Dr Martin Crowley (French & Queens')

Dr Duncan Bell (POLIS & Christ’s)

Prof Eugenio Biagini (History & Sidney Sussex)

Dr Annabel Brett (History & Caius)

Dr Christopher Brooke (POLIS & Homerton)

Dr Melissa Calaresu (History & Gonville & Caius)

Dr Joya Chatterji (History & Trinity)

Professor Stefan Collini (English)

Mr Nicholas Denyer (Classics & Trinity)

Prof Saul Dubow (History & Magdalen)

Dr Michael Edwards (History & Jesus)

Prof Khaled Fahmy (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies & King's)

Dr John Filling (Philosophy & King's)

Prof Gary Gerstle (History * Sidney Sussex)

Dr Gabriel Glickman (History & Fitzwilliam)

Dr Ingo Gildenhard (Classics & King's)

Professor Simon Goldhill (Classics & King’s)

Dr Nicholas Guyatt (History & Trinity Hall)

Dr Tom Hopkins (POLIS)

Prof Lawrence Hamilton (POLIS)

Prof Douglas Hedley (Divinity & Clare)

Dr Ian James (French & Downing)

Dr Clare Jackson (History & Trinity Hall)

Dr Shruti Kapila (History & Corpus Christi)

Prof Duncan Kelly (POLIS & Jesus)

Dr Sam Kennerley (History & Peterhouse)

Dr Jean Khalfa (French & Trinity)

Dr Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe (Divinity & Peterhouse)

Professor Matthew Kramer (Law & Churchill)

Dr Sachiko Kusukawa (History of Science & Trinity)

Dr Emma Stone Mackinnon (POLIS & Emmanuel)

Mr Scott Mandelbrote (History & Peterhouse)

Professor P Mandler (History & Caius)

Professor John Marenbon (History, Philosophy, Divinity, English & Trinity)

Dr Christopher Meckstroth (History)

Dr Jeremy Morris (Divinity & Trinity Hall)

Prof Craig Muldrew (History & Queens')

Professor Jon Parry (History & Pembroke)

Dr John Patterson (Classics & Magdalen)

Dr David Pratt (History & Downing)

Professor John Robertson (History & Clare)

Dr Martin Ruehl (MML)

Professor David Runciman (POLIS and Trinity Hall)

Dr Magnus Ryan (History & Peterhouse)

Dr Ruth Scurr (POLIS & Gonville & Caius)

Dr Richard Serjeantson (History & Trinity)

Dr Peter Sloman (POLIS & Churchill)

Dr Emma Spary (History & Corpus Christi)

Miss Sylvana Tomaselli (History, POLIS & St John’s)

Dr Damien Valdez (POLIS & Trinity)

Dr Felix Waldmann (History & Christ's)

Dr James Warren (Classics & Corpus Christi)

Dr Robert Watt (Philosophy)

Prof Joachim Whaley (German & Gonville & Caius)

Dr Rowan Williams (Magdalen)

Dr Daniel Weiss (Divinity & Darwin)


There are also experts in the broader fields covered by the MPhil beside the teaching staff listed above, mainly in other Faculties, whom students may be able to approach for occasional help. Cambridge also has a substantial number of recent PhDs, who, having written outstanding dissertations, are in three or four year post-doctoral positions called Junior Research Fellowships. They can also be of significant help to MPhil students. Every effort will be made to provide all MPhil students with the specialised advice their interests require, although a change of supervisor cannot be guaranteed should a student’s interests change dramatically during the course.

For more information please see the MPhil Handbook for current students:

Please note, this list is subject to change depending on availability. Not all of these academics may be available to supervise graduate students every year.