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Research Seminars and Training

Research Seminars and Training

Faculty of History 9The MPhil course also offers a graduate research seminar in Political Thought and Intellectual History. This seminar, which takes place weekly during Michaelmas and Lent Terms and in the first four weeks of Easter Term, offers papers on a diverse array of topics by well-known scholars from outside Cambridge and by Cambridge faculty and advanced graduate students.

The purpose of these sessions is to acquaint students with current frontline research and to teach them the skills of advanced academic debate. Most of the teaching staff of the MPhil are regular participants and the seminar is also the meeting place for PhD students and Junior Research Fellows working on these subjects in Cambridge. The seminar alternates between sessions led by Faculty members and those directed by Post-doctoral Fellows and graduate students. The seminar therefore helps to integrate MPhil students into the wider academic and graduate student community.

MPhil students in Political Thought and Intellectual History are expected to attend all the Monday Research Seminars and encouraged to participate in the discussion after the papers. There is also an informally organised postgraduate research seminar without Faculty being present in which MPhil students are encouraged to participate. Further information on the research seminars, and other related activities, can be found on the website of the Cambridge Centre for Political Thought and the Faculty's Seminar pages.


The Faculty of History and Department of Politics and International Studies offer an extraordinarily wide variety of lecture courses in the subject areas covered by the MPhil. While these lectures are primarily aimed at undergraduates, most of them are given at a level challenging enough both for MPhil and PhD students. Attendance at lectures in Cambridge is not compulsory but students are strongly encouraged to follow those lectures that fall within their research areas. 

Please see the Faculty's pages for the current year's lecture list.