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Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century

Approaches to the Long Eighteenth Century

(Dr Renaud Morieux)


This option is an advanced introduction to eighteenth-century history, primarily focusing on Britain and Europe. It aims to introduce students to the latest research topics, methods and debates in eighteenth-century history. The option is designed for graduate students, primarily those writing dissertations on aspects of the long eighteenth century, but all students are welcome to take the option.

The option takes advantage of the History Faculty’s exceptional and diverse strength in eighteenth-century history and involves the participation of a number of colleagues. It is organized primarily as a series of approaches to eighteenth-century history from the standpoint of different methodologies or sub-disciplines.

Unlike many MPhil options, the design is (selectively) synoptic, seeking to provide or broaden students’ background. The option will provide an opportunity to reflect on the relations – both compatibilities and incompatibilities – among different historical sub-disciplines and methodologies. It is expected that this diverse approach will help students place their own research in the appropriate contexts. The basic assumption of the option is that individual research is enhanced by a thorough and wide understanding of current historical research in the field.